Skip Tutorial → Begin Lesson 1a

How to Navigate the Lessons

The program is made up of 16 lessons. Each lesson includes many exercises, assorted tables, and vocabulary sections. You can navigate between these sections using the “next” and “previous” buttons on the left. You can also skip directly to specific lessons or lesson parts using the “browse” button on the left.

How to use the Audio Player

Each exercise has several key parts. The top of the exercise has the audio player. When you push the triangle play button the audio file will download and begin to play. You can adjust the volume using the bottom on the far right of the audio player. You can skip around by clicking with the colored bar in the center of the player.

Two Recorded Accents Available

At any time you can switch between the two recorded accents using the dropdown below and to the right of the audio player. By default it is set to an American accent, but you can choose the British accent if you prefer.

Start Program → Begin Lesson 1a

  • Start Program – will take you to the tutorial page and then into the first lesson.
  • Next – will move you to the next section and then onto the next lesson when you have completed the current lesson.
  • Previous – will take you back to the previous lesson section.
  • Browse – lists all the different lesson to quickly navigate to them.
  • Tutorial – takes you to this page that explains most of the SELQ interface.
  • Download – provides a way for users to download the entire program and use it offline.
  • More Information – includes a wealth of instructions and technical resources about the SELQ program.

Start Program → Begin Lesson 1a