It required almost four years of work before Spoken English Learned Quickly was ready to publish. Then we discovered that as a start-up enterprise, the new company would have faced large marketing expenses before a profit could have been earned. It would have required expensive international advertising and sales. This would have required a retail price of $425 for the complete course containing a printed 410-page Student Workbook and MP3 audio recordings.

This defeated our intent of helping international students with little money who wanted to learn fluent spoken English.

But there was another solution. By making Spoken English Learned Quickly available for free downloading to any student’s computer, we could still do what we wanted to do.

Therefore, Spoken English Learned Quickly was placed on for free downloading. There, in just a few years, it became the world’s most widely distributed spoken English language course.

Distributing a language course should not be motivated solely by profit. Language is the most distinctive cultural trait of humanity. We find great satisfaction in sharing this part of our humanity with individuals throughout our world.

We wish all of our potential students the greatest success in learning spoken English, and we will find great pleasure in their accomplishment.

Lynn Lundquist, author of Spoken English Learned Quickly

Acceptance of Terms Through Use

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1. Any offer of free downloadable materials by Spoken English Learned Quickly assigns no obligation on our part, including but not limited to, the preparation and mailing of any such material, or the custom services or costs on receipt by international mail. Continuation of any offer of free material is neither warranted nor implied.

2. Any user of material supplied by Free English Now, whether private, institutional, or commercial, indemnifies Free English Now of any and all claims for any liability incurred in the use of published or downloaded materials in the Spoken English Learned Quickly lessons. Full liability for all marketing, use, and resale of the course by an individual or commercial firm becomes that individual’s or firm’s sole responsibility.

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6. Free English Now may revoke allowance for reproduction and resale at any time without advance notice. Such revocation may include all who are reproducing the material or may name only a single publisher. At its sole discretion, Free English Now may choose to either prevent the publisher’s remaining stock from entering the resale market, or may establish a royalty payable to Free English Now as a condition of sale, in an amount determined solely by Free English Now.

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10. Resale publication in printed format must use the full text and audio reproduction including an unaltered Lesson Text portion for each lesson in which it is used.

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