This course can be used by university students, professionals, and others who want to speak English well.

These lessons will help you learn to speak English in a short period of time. If you practice one or two hours each day with the lessons on the audio recordings, you should be able to speak simple English within six months. However, learning English will require hard work each day.

This course can be used by both beginning and advanced English students. The lessons are neither too difficult for a beginning student nor too easy for an advanced student. They can also be used by students who want to study without an instructor. However, you will learn better pronunciation if you practice for two hours each week with an English teacher.

There are three simple rules to follow in this English course:

  1. To learn to speak English correctly, you must speak it aloud.
    It is important that you speak loudly and clearly when you are practicing with the recorded lessons.
  2. To learn to speak English fluently, you must think in English.
    You are not “thinking” in English if you are reading your answers. Once you understand each exercise, it is very important that you respond without looking at the printed lesson. Making your mind work in order to think of the answer is an important part of learning a language.
  3. The more you speak correct English aloud, the more quickly you will learn to speak fluently.
    Every lesson will be difficult when you start. However, as you practice, you will learn to speak correctly. You must practice until you can repeat the exercises fluently without looking at the printed lesson. We often tell our students, “You will learn best when your ears hear your mouth speaking correct English.”

How to Get Started

  1. All audio for these lessons is embedded in the webpage and should play on most machines. If you are having difficulty the audio can be downloaded and played in a local media player. You should try to play the audio and if your computer can not find an application to run the audio file you can download VLC for free.
  2. You can always click on the Tutorial link for an explanation of the icons used in the lessons.
  3. When you begin a new lesson, click on the Lesson Vocabulary icon. Print the vocabulary pages. Then study each English vocabulary word and write its meaning in your language. Write new vocabulary words and expressions in a small notebook that you can carry with you. Review vocabulary frequently during the day.
  4. Click on Start Program. Make sure you understand the tutorial. Click Begin Lesson 1. Play the audio recording. It will ask you to listen to the example (“Listen to the example”). Next, you will hear an example of students responding in English as they use the recording for their own English practice. The examples in the first two lessons show you how to respond as you study. Always practice the exercises by speaking out loud.
  5. When you begin a new lesson, you may read the written lesson as you repeat the exercises with the audio recording. However, after you understand the lesson, do the speaking exercises without looking at the written exercises. Practice each exercise until you can say it exactly as you hear it on the recording without looking at the written lesson.
  6. If you are able to do so, practice the exercises using the audio recordings for one to two hours a day for five days each week. This will give you 10 hours of spoken English language study each week. Your purpose is much more than merely knowing the vocabulary words and understanding the meaning of the sentences. Your purpose is to be able speak each sentence so fluently that any English-speaking person can easily understand what you are saying.
  7. Review exercises from previous lessons once each week.

The purpose of this course is to teach you to speak fluent English. This course uses normal English sentences and is suitable for both beginning and advanced students. For a beginning student, the best way to learn spoken English is to use normal sentences that are used every day in conversation. For an advanced student, the best way to become fluent in English is to use these same normal sentences until they can be said correctly with good pronunciation. The difference between a beginning student and an advanced student is not in which lesson they use, but is in how much time they must spend on each lesson. This is why these lessons are so valuable for continued study. Each time you review the lessons, you will gain greater English speaking fluency.

These lessons will help you speak fluent English in almost half the time as courses that teach spoken English with writing and grammar. This is true whether you are just beginning or if you have studied English for many years. Most students have the greatest difficulty learning to use the English verb correctly. You will learn how to use the English verb accurately in these lessons.

Most of all, continue reviewing the lessons until you can repeat each sentence fluently. You have not yet finished the course even if you know the vocabulary and understand the exercises. You have not truly finished the course until you can use each sentence in fluent English conversation.

Wherever you are in the world, we wish you the best of success as you study English.