Download the Entire SELQ Course*

*these downloads still use the old site format. Updated versions are coming soon.

  • Download the entire course with American accent FreeEnglishA.iso  (334M).
  • Download the British accent supplement FreeEnglishB.iso  (283M).
  • *Download MP3 and TXT with American accent American.iso for MP3-TXT players (286M).
  • *Download MP3 and TXT with British accent British.iso for MP3-TXT players (286M).

All four files are in ISO IMAGE format.  You will need ISO IMAGE software to make the CD — the CD will not open on your computer without converting it.  Placing all of the open files and folders from the A and B files on the same CD produces a single CD giving the user a choice between either American or British accent.  However, the FreeEnglishA.iso CD may be used without the British accent files. (If your ISO IMAGE software will not allow you to mix the A and Bdownloads on the same CD, then burn a CD for each of the A and B files. You can open each CD and copy the files into a single folder on your computer. From that folder, you will be able to burn a single CD containing the entire course using both American and British accents.)

* The American.iso and British.iso CDs contain two folders each—one contains all of the MP3 files and a second contains all of the TXT files. The folders can be downloaded to an iPod, iTouch, iPhone, or to an MP3 player which has a TXT screen.

Supplementary Ebooks

Download / Read the ebook Learning Spoken English

Download the ebook Learning a Spoken Second Language