Spoken English Learned Quickly (SELQ)

The World’s Most Widely Used Spoken English Course

  • It contains 16 lessons having a total of 147 exercises giving a student enough material to speak English for two hours a day, five days a week for nine months.
  • A full explanation of the course may be purchased as the ebook LEARNING SPOKEN ENGLISH
  • It will teach you to speak English in half the time of written grammar-based lessons,
  • It is well developed and professional,
  • it is available in both American & British accents,
  • it uses the new Feedback Training Method (FTM),
  • ti is optimized for mobile, tablet, desktop,
  • it is available online or for download,
  • oh, and it is free to you.

About the Program

How does Spoken English Learned Quickly work?
There are three simple rules you must follow to when you are learning to speak English. [read more]
Why use Spoken English Learned Quickly?
Without simultaneous involvement of all skill areas of speech, it is impossible for you to effectively learn to speak fluent English. [read more]
What is the Feedback Training Method?
If you want to speak fluent English, it is just as important to retrain your tongue as it is to train your memory. [read more]
Why is Spoken English Learned Quickly offered for free?
Our intent is helping international students with little money who wanted to learn fluent spoken English. [read more]