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As in sports where one practices moves to improve overall game, below are three typing tests that are meant to drill the top 300 most frequently used words. These tests focus on improving typing speed by mastering frequently used words. The tests are:
frequent words 1, 2 and 3

Shakespeare used approximately 22,000 different words in his published works.
Well-educated people today, use about 5,000 different words when speaking.
Most of us have a "working vocabulary" of 2,000 words.
50 words make up 60% of everything we say.
   Therefore: mastering the top 300 most frequently used words should significantly improve your typing speed.
If you need help with your working vocabulary here is a link to free online writing lessons. These lessons will make you ask questions about English you never thought of asking.

For your essays, reports, emails, memos, if English is not your strong point, if you cannot spell, if you don't know how to punctuate a sentence, if you aren't sure about grammar, if you don't recognize the appropriate place to break a paragraph, then style editor is an indispensable tool for you.

 homeTyping Test
  • Cursor must remain during the test in the white typing area.
  • Do not hit Enter/Return key at the end of a line.
  • Do not delete mistakes. Just type the correct letter.

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 To test your typing speed, click "start test" and type the following paragraph:
error! type:n

This is a free typing test which tests your typing speed. Typing speed is defined in wpm, that is words typed per minute. A word is taken to be five characters long including blank spaces. Typing speed is also defined as strokes typed per minute. This typing test will tell you your typing speed in wpm, words per minute, as soon as you finish typing this short paragraph. Practice various timed typing tests to improve your wpm rate.

      now typing: shorty
Tests with single space after a period
Naduk part 1
86 words
Naduk part 2
93 words
Naduk part 3
212 words
frequent words 1
57 words
frequent words 2
84 words
frequent words 3
173 words
Tests with double space after a period
Naduk part 1-ds
86 words
Naduk part 2-ds
93 words
Naduk part 3-ds
212 words

Typing Practice - using own words.

Typing Tests - Below are additional typing tests composed of short stories, legends and jokes. The same text is available with double and single space after a period.
 S  link to text with a single space after a period
 D  link to the same text with a double space after a period
  • Vasilisa
    Russian folktale
  • Ali Baba
    Arabian tale
  • Aesop's Fables
    Greek fables
  • Native American
  • Irish
  • Chinese
  • African
  • Japanese
  • What Hurts
    Jenny's story
  • Jokes
    from anywhere