Core Knowlege Curriculum - Sequence

The Core Knowledge Foundation ( provides open access to content-rich curriculum materials for preschool through grade 8, including the Core Knowledge Curriculum Series™. This material includes learning materials for language arts, history and geography, and science.


The Core Knowledge Sequence: Content and Skill Guidelines for Preschool - Grade 8

The essential document for any Core Knowledge teacher or school, the Core Knowledge Sequence is intended to help children establish strong foundations of knowledge, grade by grade. It represents our best effort to identify and describe the specific core of shared knowledge that all children should learn in U.S. schools. For grades K-8 the Sequence is organized by grade level and, within each grade, by subject. The K-8 Sequence provides a coherent, cumulative, and content-specific outline of specific knowledge and skills to be taught in language arts, history and geography (world and American), mathematics, science, visual arts, and music. You can download a high-level summary of topics in the K-8 Core Knowledge Sequence. The Preschool Sequence provides model guidelines of fundamental competencies and specific knowledge to build coherent foundations for later learning in kindergarten and beyond. The Preschool Sequence is meant for children between the ages of three and five. Since our founding more than 30 years ago, the Sequence has served as our source document. All of the publications and activities of the Core Knowledge Foundation—books, curriculum materials, professional development, and more—have been motivated by the goal of ensuring that all children have access to enabling knowledge of the kind described in the Core Knowledge Sequence.

Preschool Sequence
With a strong focus on challenging but appropriate content, the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence is unique among early childhood programs. It outlines a cumulative and coherent progression of knowledge and skills in all developmental areas and integrates developmentally-appropriate practices for both content and instruction.

Core Knowledge Sequence
The Core Knowledge Sequence for grades K-8 outlines specific knowledge and skills to be taught in all major content areas: language arts, history and geography, mathematics, science, visual arts, and music. The Sequence is unique among educational programs in its presentation of content-specific, cumulative, and coherent curriculum guidelines intended to help students build strong foundations of vocabulary and background knowledge.