Career Girls Empowerment Lessons
Educators: Start Here
At Career Girls, we know the road to independence and empowerment begins with education. Research shows that women role models have an important, positive impact on girls.
Girls need to start early building skills for their future careers. If you’re an educator looking for tools to engage and empower girls, you’re in the right place – whether you’re a classroom teacher or a mentor. is a no-cost, ad-free career exploration website for girls and educators. It’s useful both in and outside the classroom.
Our Empowerment Lessons are based on two-minute video clips that feature a number of accomplished, diverse and inspiring women. These real-world role models share straight-to-the-point career insights and advice – so the videos clips serve as the ideal jumping-off point for an in-depth learning experience.
We also offer the downloadable educational materials you’ll need to complete each Empowerment Lesson.
Classroom Teachers
As a busy classroom teacher, one of your goals is to guide girls on the way to a successful future. Career Girls can help. Click here to get started using our free lesson plans.
Group Leaders
As a group leader, you’re always on the lookout for meaningful career development activities to share with the girls in your group. Check out Career Girls’ video-based Empowerment Lessons. Group Leaders: Click here to get started using our free lesson plans.
As a mentor, you want to help guide a girl toward a successful future – whether that means exploring different careers or learning the importance of integrity. 
That’s quite a range, so where do you begin? Right here, where you will find the high-quality, no-cost, engaging tools you need. Mentors: Click here to get started using our free lesson plans.
School Counselors
We know that as a school counselor, you play a vital role in your students’ lives. From supporting academic, personal, and social development to providing college and career planning, there’s a lot going on. 
Career Girls helps by providing you with high-quality, commercial-free resources for career exploration. From exploring wide-ranging careers to learning the importance of integrity and teamwork, your students can use this video-based tool to expand their horizons and learn what it takes to turn a skill, interest, or dream into a professional career.
The Empowerment lessons are a great place to get started. This series of lesson plans, suitable for use with individual students as well as with small and large groups, focuses on helping girls build success while they’re still in middle- or high school. School Counselors: Click here to get started using our free lesson plans.
Ready-to-Use Scripts
Downloadable Presentation Scripts

Choose from these ready-to-use scripts to make your Career Girls presentions easy!

Motivational Mini-Posters
Free Download and Print

Choose from several inspirational quotes adapted from the Career Girls Instagram feed.

Curriculum Extras
Definitions for Common College Terms

Download this for a printer friendly version of college terms for your students to become familiar with.


Everyday Mentoring Tips for Parents

Download this for an easy to share one page version of everyday mentoring tips for parents.


Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work/Career Girls Facilitator's Guide

Everything you need to plan for  Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day with Career Girls on April 27th, 2017.

GALA Girls Academic Leadership Academy Parents Guide

This easy to use parent's guide supplements in-school teaching of the Career Girls Empowerment Lessons