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OAOB is a not-for-profit project, initiated by National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Srujanika, Bhubaneswar and Pragati Utkal Sangh, Rourkela. It disseminates the available information in Odia language treasured in our local libraries and individual collections. The project is made available online to millions of readers worldwide. An open access repository containing resources pertaining to Odia literature and culture, OAOB provides free access to researchers, scholars, historians, librarians, and the general public at all point in time.

The mission of the project is to preserve cultural history of Odisha by digitizing old, rare and new literary and other texts written in the Odia language. The primary focus is to digitize rare and copyright-free Odia documents (books, texts and manuscripts) which are under deteriorating condition in libraries, archives and individual collections in order to make them openly accessible to all.

Owing to the nature of the project, we also call upon people who could provide us access to their libraries and be part of the mission of free access to Odia books and promote the idea that knowledge and information should be accessible to all and should be free at all point in time.