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Divergence theorem (3D)

An earlier tutorial used Green's theorem to prove the divergence theorem in 2-D, this tutorial gives us the 3-D version (what most people are talking about when they refer to the "divergence theorem"). We will get an intuition for it (that the flux through a close surface--like a balloon--should be equal to the divergence across it's volume). We will use it in examples. We will prove it in another tutorial.

Types of regions in three dimensions

This tutorial classifies regions in three dimensions. Comes in useful for some types of double integrals and we use these ideas to prove the divergence theorem.

Divergence theorem proof

You know what the divergence theorem is, you can apply it and you conceptually understand it. This tutorial will actually prove it to you (references types of regions which are covered in the "types of regions in 3d" tutorial.