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Minima, maxima, inflection points and critical points

Can calculus be used to figure out when a function takes on a local or global maximum value? Absolutely. Not only that, but derivatives and second derivatives can also help us understand the shape of the function (whether they are concave upward or downward). If you have a basic conceptual understanding of derivatives, then you can start applying that knowledge here to identify critical points, extrema, inflections points and even to graph functions.

Optimization with calculus

Using calculus to solve optimization problems

Rates of change

Solving rate-of-change problems using calculus

Mean value theorem

If over the last hour on the highway, you averaged 60 miles per hour, then you must have been going exactly 60 miles per hour at some point. This is the gist of the mean value theorem (which generalizes the idea for any continuous, differentiable function).

L'Hôpital's Rule

Limits have done their part helping to find derivatives. Now, under the guidance of l'Hôpital's rule, derivatives are looking to show their gratitude by helping to find limits. Ever try to evaluate a function at a point and get 0/0 or infinity/infinity? Well, that's a big clue that l'Hopital's rule can help you find the limit of the function at that point.